Finding funding

More info coming soon; for now, if you are interested in doing a research project in the group, get in touch with Martin to discuss funding options.

Undergraduate summer projects

The UNSW Faculty of Science offers competitive Summer Vacation Research Scholarships.

Undergraduates from overseas, who are considering PhD research, are also welcomed for research visits. Get in touch for more information.

PhD funding

A wealth of information on funding sources for domestic and international PhD students is available on the UNSW Research website. Also use the resources on the Faculty of Science site.

Research visits to UNSW by students enrolled overseas may be fundable through some national schemes. Take a look at your local chemistry society (e.g. RSC, ACS), Fulbright (for US citizens), SNSF (Swiss), Royal Society (UK), and others. Also have a look at the UNSW research exchange website for important information about procedures.

Postdoctoral funding

Postdoctoral Fellowships may be available from the following sources. Note that many of these sources have nationality/residence requirements.

Please get in touch if you would like to apply to work in the group with one of these fellowships.