Aromaticity and antiaromaticity

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Aromatic molecules are cyclic and pi-conjugated, and exhibit some interesting effects. Most well-known nowadays is the behaviour of aromatic molecules in a magnetic field: in an NMR spectrometer, we see that the chemical shifts of protons inside and outside the ring appear (de)shielded. This effect arises from the establishment of a persistent ring current of circulating pi-electrons, which itself generates a molecular magnetic field which opposes the applied field.

What can we learn about the fundamental nature of aromaticity and antiaromaticity? Despite nearly a hundred years of study, aromaticity remains poorly defined. In addition to answers to this fundamental question, we are looking for materials applications of (anti)aromatic materials.

Martin Peeks
Martin Peeks
Scientia Senior Lecturer

I am interested in understanding the fundamental chemistry of complex molecules and molecular systems.