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We have synthetic, computational, and analytical projects available for undergraduates through to PhD students.

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What’s available?

Undergraduate projects

Summer and term projects are available for undergraduates. If you’re a student at UNSW, you might be able to do these for credit through CHEM2999 and CHEM3998. If you’re at another Australian university, you may be eligible for the summer vacation research project scheme.


We welcome enquiries at any time of the year from prospective Honours students. Just drop me (Martin) an email to discuss options! Past Honours students in the group have gone on to jobs in industry and to do PhDs.

Masters and PhD

Masters and PhD projects are also available, for students from Australia/NZ or overseas. I’ll work with you to find a project that suits your interests, with a focus on making sure you develop the skills to succeed in your next step.

Postdoctoral researchers

I am happy to host postdoctoral researchers who are able to secure funding. Any funded vacancies will be widely advertised. If you plan to apply for a fellowship and would like support, please write to me.

Not sure what to write in your email?

No worries… I’d suggest including the following:

  • Say hi!
  • Say who you are. e.g. “I’m a student who recently completed CHEM1000”, or “I finished a chemistry degree a few years back and am interested in research”
  • Say what you’d like to know about. e.g. “CHEM2999 in T3”, “summer projects”, “applying for a PhD”
  • If you have one, include a copy of your CV and any summary of past research experience. Don’t worry if you don’t have anything here - everyone needs to start somewhere!