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Our greatest desire is to help Psychic Kids, Teens and families adjust in a world which is still struggling to understand us.  We believe we can best help by offering guidance and support for parents, kids and teens as they explore intuitive experiences as a family.




PeeKS Group offers these coaching sessions to help parents better understand your child and the amazing gifts they possess.  With a degree in Psychology and many years working as an intuitive consultant, Andye is able to provide a unique perspective of support, compassion and strength for parents of these remarkable children.

Parent Coaching can help you:

* by providing a safe place to ask questions and talk about your feelings, reactions and frustrations

* understand what is occurring with your Psychic Kid or Teen in very tangible ways

* learn how to cope with your own reactions & feelings to the experiences of your child

* support your child when s/he is frightened, upset, excited or even elated by something s/he has experienced

* determine if your child is psychic or if there are other avenues which may need to be explored

These sessions can assist you by understanding your child or teen's motivations, their heart's calling, their psychic abilities, and of course, to better understand how they all work together in creating your child's unique perspective and behaviors.  Insight from an intuitive level can drastically improve the way you perceive, interact, and connect with your child.

Come with questions and be empowered to guide your family confidently through these conversations.

PeeKS Group is committed to helping Care Providers better understand these children also, and in support of assisting these hard-working people, PeeKS presents in-services for each department at your facility. 

We consider Care Providers as any individual or team who works with kids and teens regularly, such as:

~  school teachers

~  guidance counselors

~  social workers

~  pediatricians

~  family psychologists/ psychiatrists

~  Boy/ Girl Scouts

~  Youth Ministry, Youth Groups

~  physical therapists, etc

Coaching for Care Providers discusses what some of these kids are going through and normalizing for you (care provider) their experiences so you have a better reference point when they approach you with questions, or when you overhear someone distraught due to said experiences.  In order to give the proper guidance to these kids and teens, we find it most helpful to see the bigger picture -- especially if you're a non-believer. 

We're assuming:  Even though you may not "believe in this stuff," you are a professional who has dedicated this part of your life to assisting our leaders of tomorrow in becoming successful well-adapted adults by, at least, listening and not mocking or ridiculing them.  We thank you for listening and allowing them the space to feel safe and talk about such topics!

If you can't listen because said topics place you too far outside your comfort zone, then please refer them to us, or to any other group supporting them in exploring and developing their intuitive abilities.

GROW ::  

PeeKS Group offers confidential coaching sessions to guide you and/or the psychic child in your life in developing, exploring and safely managing intuition, psychic experiences and all other related avenues of the Unseen World.   Each session includes step-by-step coaching to help you learn, practice, and master the skills you would like to manifest.

This coaching provides tools, tips and techniques to help guide your way!

Personalized Coaching can assist in:

* learning what ways you are psychic;
* exploring how your gifts can be used to help yourself and others; and
* developing and managing your gifts so you feel in control of your experiences.

Coaching sessions are individually tailored for each participant.  If you have a specific interest not listed below, ask us -- we' re open to hearing your ideas and discussing whether it's a subject we can teach or not.  Possible topics could include:

          * meeting and working with your power animal

          * meeting and working with your angels and spirit guides

          * meeting and working with the elementals:  fairies, devas, crystals, etc

          * working with energy:  auras, chakras and empathy

          * creating your psychic shield: feeling safe and setting boundaries with your experiences

These may be done in-person or by phone.  30 minute and 1-hour sessions are available with homework assignments and online follow up. This is a great way to get personalized support and begin to safely explore the world of intuition.

LEARN ::  


Tele-Seminars for Parents & Care Providers    

We understand this world of intuitive and psychic exploration is unfamiliar terrain to many parents of Psychic Kids & Teens.  PeeKS Group offers tele-seminars to help you become comfortable and knowledgeable about the experiences your child or teen is having.

Andye and Gavin will discuss topics, answer your questions, and provide concrete examples so you may truly feel confident discussing similar situations with the Psychic Kids and Teens in your life!

Though no live dates are scheduled at this time, recordings will be added regularly.  Please check back for new offerings.  

Topics available are:

* Part 1: The Nature of Ghosts :: Who Are They & What Do They Want?


* Part 2: Imaginary Friends :: Everybody Has One (or Two… or Three!)


* Part 3: Past Lives & Reincarnation :: When Your Child Remembers “Who I was Before”


* Part 4: Beyond Ghosts :: If It's Not a Ghost, Not a Demon, Then What?!?


   * How Do I Know if My Child is Really Psychic or Just Really Imaginative?


* My Child is Psychic ... Now What? :: Next Steps to Support your Child and Better Understand

* I Thought I was the Parent :: How to Reestablish Your Role when Your Child Knows So Much



We often are contacted because families are experiencing “weird, unexplainable or scary things” in their own home. To be blunt, many families are sensing ghosts or hauntings in their home and are frightened.  Further, it is the Psychic Children and Teens who witness the bulk of these sightings or experiences. Understandably, the whole family is shaken and feel they have nowhere to turn and no one to confide in.

In many cases, the energy is being disrupted by something other than a ghost!  An assessment can help determine what is occurring and what (if anything) needs to be done about it.

PeeKS performs energetic house clearings and removal of threatening energies without ever having to visit your home.  Long distance home healings are just as effective as those done on-site and maintain your confidentiality and privacy.

Visit our Energetic InterventionsTM page to learn more.   

Call us directly for a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your situation.  


A full description of Andye Murphy’s services is available online at:

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